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Chapter 458 My Decision

  • At that moment, she could not hold in the bitterness and devastation she had been suppressing in her heart any longer. She wanted to tell Madam Lu everything and let her know how bad he had been to her.
  • Xia Micheng had sobbed so hard that she started to hyperventilate, and her delicate shoulders quivered. “Grandma, I don’t like it when he is with another woman. I don’t like it at all. Even if there are thousands or tens of thousands of reasons that could be forgiven, I still can’t accept it. He told me that he was mine, and he only had me. How could he bring those women who were coveting over him onto his bed? He was mine…”
  • At the mention of that, a cold look flashed across Madam Lu’s eyes. Lu Yuzhen was her grandson, and he had put his own life in danger. She definitely had someone investigate the case at the time, and it came to her knowledge that Xia Keke had drugged him.
  • Madam Lu had lived more than half her life, and no woman as evil as Xia Keke had ever dared cross her path. Xia Keke truly had a death wish. Now that Xia Keke was involved, Madam Lu was not going to let her off that easily.
  • “Micheng, stop crying now. If Yuzhen finds out how much you’ve cried, he’d be heartbroken. He could never bear to see you cry.” Madam Lu pulled out a piece of tissue paper and wiped Xia Micheng’s tears.
  • But Xia Micheng could not stop her tears from falling; she had felt so devastated on the inside.
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