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Chapter 1725 How Dare You

  • Chen Yuanyuan came back to her senses. She snapped back from her trance as her brain started buzzing. Oh god, what have I done? Noticing that the cheongsam she was wearing was already torn into pieces and she was completely wet, she felt embarrassed and like a mess. It was as if she had been sent to the depths of hell.
  • Then, Chen Yuanyuan’s gaze landed on Gu Longfan. Gu Longfan was still standing there like a statue with both his hands in his pocket. His dark gaze shot over. It was cold and emotionless.
  • Chen Yuanyuan could feel her teeth chattering. How did this happen? She’d initially wanted to frame Ye Yuan and get her to strip. However, she was the one who ended up stripping and acting out an entire erotic scene. Chen Yuanyuan knew at once that the drug was switched. Ye Yuan clearly didn’t drink the spiked water. Instead, Chen Yuanyuan drank it.
  • “Ye Yuan, it was you, wasn’t it?” Chen Yuanyuan’s eyes were reddish as she accused Ye Yuan.
  • Jin Hua, who was behind Ye Yuan, passed the latter some tissue papers. Ye Yuan slowly wiped the water droplets off her fingers, then she looked up and stared at Chen Yuanyuan with her gorgeous eyes. There was a faint hint of a smile on Ye Yuan’s face. “Chen Yuanyuan, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • “Stop acting anymore, Ye Yuan. Did you drug me?”
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