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Chapter 561 Tossing and Turning at Night

  • Within seconds, Mrs. Wu served a bowl of boiled dumplings. “Young Master, the dumplings are ready. You can start eating now.”
  • Lu Yuzhen took the chopsticks to reach for a dumpling on the dining table. After his first bite, he realized that the dumpling tasted horrible.
  • Last time, Xia Micheng made dumplings with fresh shrimp fillings that were juicy and sweet. In comparison, the frozen dumplings were hard to swallow. Lu Yuzhen furrowed his sharp brows and irritably put down the chopsticks. “Take this away. I don’t want to finish it.”
  • Mrs. Wu observed the young master silently. He initially thought that all dumplings tasted the same, and now he realized he was wrong.
  • Madam Lu chuckled from the living room. “Mrs. Wu, get on with your work and ignore him. I think someone will have to suffer as long as Micheng has not come home tonight.”
  • Madam Lu seemed to have recovered well in these two days and her appetite had improved. With a higher energy level, she was able to watch some soap operas on the living room sofa.
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