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Chapter 592 Get Out! Don't Touch Me!

  • Despite that, Liu Zhaodi did not leave. Instead, she walked to Lu Zhengzhe’s side. “Zhengzhe, you must be exhausted. I’ll give you a massage.”
  • Her hands rested on Lu Zhengzhe’s firm and broad shoulders, starting to massage him lightly. Not long after, her hands slid down from his shoulders…
  • He pressed on her moving hands. “I still have work. Don’t play around. Go back and rest early.”
  • “Zhengzhe, you can still work tomorrow. Tonight… Let’s rest early together.” Liu Zhaodi reached out to wrap her arms around his neck, but he shunned her touch. He went over to the French windows, his towering figure standing there watching the lights from the neighborhood.
  • Liu Zhaodi followed him before hugging him from the back, wrapping herself around him tightly. “Zhengzhe, are you still trying to look for… Yingluo?”
  • In that fateful year, Liu Yingluo had leaped into the vast ocean from an elevated platform, and her body was not found after all these years. Lu Zhengzhe remained silent, and something seemed to be stirred up in his deep eyes. Upon close inspection, there seemed to be nothing in those eyes. “I don’t want to hear her name. Don’t bring it up in the future.”
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