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Chapter 1210 She Really Hasn’t Changed at All

  • Lu Zhengzhe was sitting sluggishly at the backseat. He didn’t get out of the car immediately—instead, he stuck a cigarette between his fingers and lit some red sparks a few seconds later. He furrowed his brows as he inhaled a mouthful of smoke before slowly blowing it out. His deep narrow eyes stared at himself in the mirror as he spoke in a deep voice, “Mr. Ye, do you think I’ve aged after all these years?”
  • Mr. Ye saw that the man still had a dashing sculpture-like face. After all these years, Sir still isnt old at all. Time never once left a mark on Lu Zhengzhe. Although the fine wrinkles in his eyes became longer and deeper, it only added to his charming maturity of a man. Therefore, Mr. Ye shook his head. “Sir, you haven’t aged one bit.”
  • The answer probably made Lu Zhengzhe happier. “Heh.” He let out an attractive chuckle from his firm chest while the ashes at the tip of the cigarette fell. “If she hasn’t aged, how would I dare to?”
  • Mr. Ye knew that he mentioned Madam Yingluo because Tiao stuck to his promise and arranged for them to meet here. Only Madam Yingluo can make the pioneer king of business question whether he has aged. Then, Lu Zhengzhe pressed the halved cigarette onto the ashtray. “Let’s go. We’ll go in now.” The last time, he had only caught a glimpse of her in the mall. It’s almost 20 years. I’ve been looking for her for 20 years. I’ve missed her for 20 years. Finally, she is back.
  • Lin Hurou had her fun, so she prepared to return. Then, she immediately called out when she saw a figure in front of her, “Yingluo, why are you here?”
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