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Chapter 937 Are You in Pain Because of Me?

  • Xia Micheng raised her eyes at once. Standing before her was a tall figure, and in a split second, she met his eyes, which were intense but distressed.
  • Lu Yuchen was here.
  • He did not take Li Yuntong away and leave, but he snuck into Xia Micheng’s room instead. He managed to come in although she remembered that she had locked the door.
  • “How did you come in?”
  • He had a small wire in his hand. “I used this. Cheng, since knowing you, I’m close to becoming an expert in lock-picking, and now, no doors can stop me. Therefore, Cheng, the next time you lock me outside the door again, I’ll just let myself in.”
  • Lu Yuzhen, who was a son of the heavens, had the ability to learn anything easily. He was unexpectedly gifted in lock-picking, so he would first knock patiently on the door, and if the door would not open for him, he would pick the lock to enter the room himself.
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