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Chapter 1363 Touching a Tender Spot

  • What? Lu Zhengzhe actually passed an order where I’m no longer allowed into this ward and to visit Lu Feifei anymore?
  • “Why? I’m not leaving! I’m staying here!”
  • Without saying a word, the two bodyguards in black grabbed her swiftly by each arm and dragged her out of the room.
  • In the room, Lu Zhengzhe and Lu Chikai sat facing each other, appearing as if they were in a negotiation talk.
  • Song Ming came in with a cup of tea. The two people seated there were his old and new employer, so he couldn’t offend any one of them and could only serve them both carefully. “Sir Lu, we’ve sealed the news as you instructed. As for Madam Lu…” he drifted off.
  • “Don’t worry about great-grandma. I’ve sent her to the temple for a few days and nobody will be able to disrupt her quiet rest,” Lu Chikai said.
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