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Chapter 1039 The Drunken Kiss

  • “Auntie Zhao, I—”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s deep and husky voice cut her off suddenly, “Auntie Zhao, prepare one of the guest rooms. Miss Xia won’t be going home tonight.”
  • What?
  • Auntie Zhao was stunned to silence. She looked at Lu Yuzhen before glancing at Xia Micheng. Auntie Zhao was experienced, and so she understood the situation almost instantly.
  • “Well… in that case, I’ll get the guest room ready now.” Auntie Zhao left in a hurry.
  • Xia Micheng blushed furiously because she knew Auntie Zhao must have guessed what was up. He is the man of the house here, and so he wouldn’t think much of it. Nevertheless, how should I face Auntie Zhao in the future?
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