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Chapter 572 Do You Dare to Accept My Challenge?

  • “Micheng, please come here. We’ve been waiting for you!” Fan Qi was the first to notice Xia Micheng, whereupon she quickly led everyone to the latter.
  • Xia Micheng stared at Fan Qi and curiously asked, “Qi, what’s going on? Were you guys waiting for me?”
  • “Yes, we were! Micheng, I have some bad news for you, by the way. There has been an announcement that all schools, which do not make it to the top five in this joint exam, will be unqualified to enroll their students into the Academy of Sciences!”
  • What? Xia Micheng narrowed her eyes while recalling all those years when the Academy of Sciences held interviews in all medical schools across Beijing. Therefore, she came to University A because she wanted to enroll at the Academy of Sciences. Nonetheless, she didn’t anticipate that the Academy of Sciences would make such a change.
  • “Qi, what was our position in the joint exam last year?” Xia Micheng asked.
  • Fan Qi stuck out her tongue and answered, “Well, our school is probably at the bottom, not even the top ten, I guess…”
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