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Chapter 1739 Cold-Blooded and Heartless

  • “Longfan has gone to prison while everything outside is a mess. The whole Gu Group is now in ruins, and Old Master is enraged about it all. Everything is this way because of you!”
  • Saying this, Wen Lan glanced at Ye Yuan up and down in disdain. “You’re just a lowly actress born with a sl*tty face. You even learned the art of seduction so that you can do what you’re born to do, that is, to sleep with men all the time. Who cares if you sleep with Chairman Shi, but how dare you drag our Longfan into your mess?”
  • Hearing this, Jin Hua, who was standing behind, frowned. Who knew Madam Gu would spout such horrible words? But Ye Yuan had grown up with such derogatory remarks.
  • She was used to them by now. Staring at Wen Lan, she lifted the corner of her mouth into a lazy smile. “Madam Gu, you keep calling me a sl*t. But have you thought about the fact that your son Gu Longfan likes loose women?”
  • Wen Lan’s expression changed drastically. “You!”
  • Ye Yuan adjusted her dress and said nonchalantly, “Madam Gu, if there’s nothing else you want to say, I’ll take my leave now. I need to finish up my work.”
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