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Chapter 1162 Private Yacht

  • Lu Zhengzhe remained silent for a moment before nodding his head. Fine, I’ve already waited for her for so many years. Another few days will not matter to me.
  • ...
  • Lu Chikai wanted to have fun on the sea and this was the first time he requested to play outside, so Lu Yuzhen immediately prepared a private yacht to go out to sea. Of course, Shangguan Ruofu was also invited, who even brought Xia Micheng along.
  • On the private yacht, Shangguan Ruofu was choosing a bikini when she asked Lu Yuzhen, “Chairman Lu, which one do you think fits me?”
  • Lu Yuzhen had a look at those bikinis before speaking in a deep voice, “Whichever is fine. As long as you like it.”
  • Just when she was hesitant on what to wear, a soft voice came to her ear. “Cheng!” She quickly turned her head around to see that Ye Yuan was here! Naturally, she knew about the thorny rose of the entertainment industry, Ye Yuan. Not only that, she grew up together with Xia Micheng and they were the best of friends. Shangguan Ruofu was surprised to see Ye Yuan coming over here all of a sudden. “Ye Yuan, why are you here?” She quickly forced out a slight smile.
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