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Chapter 1618 Mrs Zhao’s Death

  • Mrs. Zhao extended her hand and lovingly stroked Ye Yuan’s beautiful long hair. “Young Miss, Gu Xian was afraid that his misdeeds would be exposed, therefore he dismissed all the servants. I’ve been roaming everywhere and living in hardship all because I want to tell you what really happened in the past. I once begged for food in front of the Gu residence. It was your tenth birthday. I saw from outside that Gu Longfan held your hand as you walked out. You were smiling at him, and your gaze was filled with happiness. Young Miss, there’s not even one good person in the Gu Family. Even their blood is dirty. Don’t hold on to Gu Longfan and think that he’s your savior. Don’t fall in love with him, because he might just be your next abyss of despair.”
  • Ye Yuan was bawling. However, it was too late, because she had loved Gu Longfan for many years. Even up until that moment, she was still in love with him. She had to admit that she still loved him. Otherwise, when she saw the photo in his wallet, she wouldn’t have demanded an answer.
  • He asked her whether she minded the women around him. Although she didn’t answer his question at that time, it was a yes in her heart. She loved Gu Longfan. Why did Mrs. Zhao’s warning come so late? Gu Longfan came into her life when she had lost everything. He also gave her the necessary warmth and company over the years.
  • Mrs. Zhao told her not to fall in love with him. Others said that he was a bad man, and that he didn’t deserve her love. However, nobody told her who could replace him in her life. If he never came into her life, what would she be now?
  • When her tears dropped on the floor, Ye Yuan could feel that her heart had broken into pieces. Closing her eyes, she burst out laughing. She knew that she was never going to stop loving him, but she could slowly bury her love for him. Raising her head, she wiped her tears off and said, “Mrs. Zhao, I now know the truth, and I know what to do. Please follow me home. I’ll take care of you.”
  • Mrs. Zhao nodded. “Okay.”
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