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Chapter 408 Your Antics

  • He stared at her pale, tiny hand which was reaching out for him. The hand almost touched his face as it inched closer and closer to him.
  • Eventually, he reached his mental breaking point and instantly released his fists, intending to pull her in for a hug. He hoped that she could rest in his arms and forget about her worries.
  • However, another hand beat him in speed. Lu Xinang was here; he grasped Xia Micheng’s slender and pale wrist. “Micheng, it’s me!”
  • Her long lashes fluttered, and all the lights instantly faded from her eyes.
  • Lu Xinang then sent Xia Micheng back to Orchid Garden. After he saw her in and turned to leave, his collar was grabbed by a hand. Appearing in his vision was Lu Yuzhen’s merciless but handsome face. “What’s happening to her? Didn’t you say that she has been poisoned? Why has she gone blind now?”
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