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Chapter 1644 Home Is Where She Is

  • Covering her face with her trembling hands, Xia Micheng finally broke down. Her hot tears continued to leak out from the gap between her fingers onto her face.
  • Lu Yuzhen’s eyes turend red as well as he reached out to hold Xia Micheng into his arms. The moon was surrounded by a thick layer of fog, radiating a dim glow. At that moment, they were overwhelmed by a sharp pang of sorrow.
  • Xia Micheng and Lu Yuzhen immediately went back to Huaxi Province. Lu Xinang was alone when he left this world. Now, they had come back to visit him.
  • Lu Yuzhen was born in Beijing. He was the second young master of the Lu Family. However he was not buried in Beijing, nor was he in the Lu Family’s tomb. He was buried at Luo riverside.
  • Xia Micheng was standing quietly in front of Lu Xinang’s gravestone in black. At this time, Huaxi Province was entering its coldest season. There was a picture of Lu Xinang on the gravestone. His cool yet elegant appearance was engraved on it eternally.
  • Lu Yuzhen was sitting in a wheelchair while his secretary whispered to him, “President, Madam Lu already knew about Young Master Xinang’s death. Her hair turned gray overnight. Fortunately, Aunt Feifei was with her. Well… Young Master Xinang was one of the members of the Lu Family, and his root was in Beijing. Besides, Madam Lu had also made the request. Should we… take him home?”
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