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Chapter 299 Xia Micheng Has Been Kicked Out of the Research Center

  • Madam Li’s life had been saved from the precipice. Although Xia Keke had successfully saved her, Xia Micheng was here saying that Madam Li’s life would be in danger in another two days. Those were seemingly exaggerated words designed to scare people; no one would believe her.
  • Zhou Ping once again heaped praise on Xia Keke. “Keke, get some rest. You’ve helped to save Madam Li twice now, so rest assured, I shall help to clear your name. Xia Micheng, come with me!”
  • Everyone exited from the room and were immediately swarmed by the media, who had been camping outside. The reporters were surging toward them with the microphones in their hands extended toward Director Zhou as though they were in a frenzy. “Director Zhou, may I ask how is Madam Li now?”
  • Zhou Ping looked right into the lens and declared, “She is doing fine now. Keke’s Golden Needle Technique has saved Madam Li once again!”
  • “Oh wow!”
  • Everyone cheered, and once again, the spotlight shone on Xia Keke’s pretty little face. “Keke, you’re practically an angel in our mortal world. You’re our queen. We love you; we worship you!”
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