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Chapter 90 Close Your Eyes if You Are Afraid

  • Xia Micheng didn’t want to continue such a conversation. She wound the newly bought belt onto his hips and then nodded in satisfaction. “Looks really great.”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s figure didn’t need such praise; he’d look good no matter what kind of belt it was.
  • “Why did you give me a belt? Is it because you want to tie me down?”
  • “Wrong.” Xia Micheng shook her head and yanked him over by grabbing him by the belt. She then angled her head so that her chin was held high before announcing, “I gave you one because… I’m the only one who may undo your belt!”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s eyes darkened. Blazing embers sparked within them as his large hands gripped her by the shoulders. He pushed her onto the bed, one knee pinning her down. “I, Lu Yuzhen, do not dare to refuse Mrs. Lu’s mandate!”
  • Xia Micheng’s hair fanned out onto the soft mattress. She scrambled up and placed a soft kiss onto his handsome face. “You’re so sweet, Mr. Lu—”
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