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Chapter 422 A Humiliation

  • Right then, Lu Yuzhen took two steps toward her and sneered heartlessly in a hushed voice, “How dare you compare yourself with Xia Micheng? She beat you with her looks, complexion and figure. I could get drunk from just her scent alone. As for you, you smell like cheap perfume. Compared to her, you are a sham from head to toe.”
  • His merciless remarks made her speechless. Xia Keke felt as if she had been pushed into an icy pond. His words were unintelligible to her; she could only see his lips moving, spewing the meanest words about her. She was extremely humiliated and embarrassed.
  • His gaze returned to her champagne-colored nightdress. “She wore this for me before. In the future, don’t put on what she has worn. Go change into something else. This nightdress irks me.” After that, he proceeded to leave the room.
  • What he said was true. Xia Keke could not measure up to Xia Micheng in all aspects. To look stunning in the champagne-colored dress, one had to be as fair as Xia Micheng. The dress looked rather dowdy on Xia Keke as it did not match her appearance.
  • Lu Yuzhen was a man of sophistication, especially in terms of his taste in women. Xia Keke did not match up to his standards at all.
  • She felt a chill running through her body. Her elaborate attempt at dressing up was humiliated by him. Her hands by her side curled into two fists as she shouted at his imposing back, “I have saved you before. Now I need you to do me with a third favor!”
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