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Chapter 1703 Micheng's Trick Worked

  • It was Li Zhanming. He did not get involved in a car accident and was standing in front of her unharmed.
  • Lin Hurou felt as if she had recouped a lost item and immediately smiled in her tears as she ran over and threw herself into his arms. He instantly opened his arms to receive her and hugged her tight in his embrace. His lips kissed her on her fragrant hair hard before he smiled. “What are you crying about? Did you think I was in the car accident?”
  • Lin Hurou nodded furiously in his arms. “Yes. I thought that was you just now. I was scared out of my mind.”
  • Li Zhanming was touched when he realized that she was crying for him. She was crying for him!
  • “Rou.” His lips kissed her cheek, and he mumbled, “I really love you. Can you love me too?”
  • What did he just say? He said that he liked her. Was that a love confession?
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