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Chapter 315 Go and Buy the Pill for Me

  • At that time, Ye Yuan was on her own in a foreign city and knew nobody. Lying on the bed inside the eerily quiet room, she felt the sheets beneath her becoming wet. That night, there was no sound in the room at all; the silence was so great that it was unsettling.
  • She just lay on the bed and let the pain numb her. Slowly, she heard a sound. Drip, drip. It was the sound of blood dripping from the sheets onto the floor.
  • As she listened to herself bleeding, she felt as if there was something being stripped off from her body. However, this pain meant nothing in comparison to her heartache. Raising her hands to cover her small face that was now full of cold sweat, she started crying out loud. At that moment, she finally came to a realization. Gu Longfan used ten whole years to take his revenge on her by becoming her world and then destroyed everything with his own hands.
  • Gu Longfan walked into the bathroom to take a shower and then came out with a warm towel in his hands. Standing at the bedside, he helped her wipe her body.
  • Ye Yuan remained in the same posture all along and never opened her eyes; she seemed like she had fallen asleep.
  • Gently, Gu Longfan combed her hair back with his hand and then placed a kiss on her beautiful forehead. “Just rest for a while first. I’ll cook something for you.”
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