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Chapter 228 How Did Things Turn Out This Way?

  • Xia Keke saw his post which said, ‘Mrs. Lu, I hope that you could slowly grow by my side, bit by bit. Happy birthday~’
  • She read the post over and over again, and her eyes hurt from the stinging in them; she did her best to widen her eyes to the point that they turned red from the strain.
  • She had seen plenty of birthday wishes, but never one like his before; he wished for Xia Micheng to slowly grow by his side, and he hoped that she would grow even more.
  • A man like him who had such wealth, power and status could fulfill any woman’s fantasy—no, even any man’s fantasy. If he wanted to, his broad shoulders and firm chest could even become a safehouse for all the women in the world.
  • Xia Micheng turned twenty today; she was indeed very young, and was still slowly growing.
  • She was his wife, and also his girl.
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