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Chapter 1511 Buy Me a Morning-After Pill

  • Lin Hurou, who was under him, fluttered her long eyebrows at him as she looked at him tentatively. “A-Are you done?” Five minutes. However, after excluding all the preparatory work, I think that it was at most two minutes. I would be turning a blind eye if I said that it was longer than that!
  • Li Zhanming’s face completely darkened as he released Lin Hurou and retreated himself from her. His slender fingers picked up his pajamas from the carpet before he wore them. After collecting himself, he turned to look at her. “Do you want to take a bath?”
  • Upon hearing that, she randomly grabbed a pillow and threw it at his handsome face. “No!”
  • As he did not avoid the pillow, it hit on his dashing face and fell to the floor.
  • “Li Zhanming, I’m not done with you on this matter!”
  • His eyes were dark while his thin lips were pressed into a cold, hard line. “Lin Hurou, look at the situation clearly. You are the one who messed with me first and I’m merely respecting your choices by doing it with you.”
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