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Chapter 1414 Does She Love Him?

  • Lu Zhengzhe remembered about the son that she had with Su Cheng—Lu Xinang. Her son isn’t bad at all. In fact, he resembles her, but it’s unfortunate that he is not my son. That’s my greatest regret for the most part of my life. Liu Yingluo thought about her child as well—that child left the largest, deep wound in her heart. As well as my Zhen.
  • She tugged against her finger while staring at him with bloodshot eyes. “Lu Zhengzhe, why are you pretending to be a kind father in front of me? After I left, Zhen was once admitted into a mental institution by force. He was left there for two whole years! Lu Zhengzhe, that is your biological son. Why didn’t you save him? Zhen was never mentally ill. Where were you during those two years? What were you doing throughout that period?”
  • At the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom, I heard Xia Micheng talk about Zhen and how he was sent to a mental institution after he lost his mommy. I felt as if my heart was bleeding for him. I’m not sure where Lu Zhengzhe was during those two years, but Zhen is his biological son. Zhen takes after him, so how could he be so cruel?
  • His eyes darkened at the mention of that incident. His lips parted, but he couldn’t utter a word.
  • “Speak! Why aren’t you speaking now? Lu Zhengzhe, I don’t care how you treat me, but ask yourself this question. Were you a good father all those years ago? Sometimes, I really hate you!” Liu Yingluo turned around to leave.
  • This time, Lu Zhengzhe froze to the ground without running after her because he thought to himself, I truly am not a good and responsible father. In fact, I’m neither a good son nor am I a good husband. After living most of my life, I notice that the path is riddled with countless holes, looking back at the route I’ve taken. Sometimes, I hate myself a lot too.
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