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Chapter 1241 Naughty Things

  • A manager shouted, “W-Who is she? This is outrageous! How dare she molest our chairman! Someone! Where is security? Throw this woman out!” However, right after he made that command, a cold and eerie stare focused on his face. The manager looked up and saw his chairman glaring at him calmly, as if saying, It seems more fitting to throw you out! The manager felt a chill down his spine and he was rendered speechless instantly. Why do I feel like I’m meddling in something I should not be involved in?
  • Lu Yuzhen reached out with his strong arms to hold Xia Micheng’s slender waist protectively when she dashed toward him. He was afraid that she could trip on something and fall. She was pressing herself against him, so he cradled her head while caressing her hair. “What is it, huh?” he asked quietly.
  • “I-I’m dizzy...”
  • Lu Yuzhen picked her up and carried her to the office desk within several strides. After that, he laid her on the desk. He pressed both his hands on the table and lowered his tall and sculpted body to get closer to her, noticing that her face was flushed. “Did you drink alcohol?” He got a whiff of the alcohol’s light fragrance.
  • “That’s right, I had some.”
  • “Why did you drink alcohol when you know your alcohol tolerance is low?”
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