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Chapter 1112 To Catch an Adulterer

  • The fat woman was Chairman Zhao's wife. She rushed over right after she received Shangguan Ruofu’s photo.
  • The fat woman’s family was wealthy and powerful. She was never scared of anything. She was certain that her husband was sleeping with Princess Lanlou as she didn’t manage to get through his phone.
  • The fat woman had her arms akimbo as she scolded; being a shrew was her forte. “Everyone, come and take a look! Princess Lanlou is just a shameless third wheel! Where’s Princess Lanlou? Her room is right in front. How dare she seduce my husband? I will kill her!”
  • Everyone came over and started gossiping when they heard the fat woman’s speech.
  • Isn’t that Chairman Zhao’s wife? She’s here to catch his adulterous act?
  • Princess Lanlou and Chairman Zhao? That can’t be. Princess Lanlou is the future Queen of Jiuling. I saw her from far the other day; she looked elegant and poised.
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