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Chapter 798 The Wedding

  • Lu Xinang and Ye Youxuan were getting married today and their wedding was being held at a mountain villa. All the people of the upper social circle in Beijing were present, and they were all chatting happily among themselves with delicate smiles on their faces.
  • The bride of the wedding, Ye Youxuan, was wearing a custom-made white wedding gown and had natural-looking makeup exquisitely done on her face. With a crown perched on top of her head, she looked just like the happiest person of the day beside her future mother-in-law, Liu Zhaodi.
  • Knowing full well that Liu Zhaodi did not fancy her to be her daughter-in-law before this, Ye Youxuan had been trying her best to please Liu Zhaodi for the past few days after the date of the wedding was fixed. She did not wait until the wedding was over to address Liu Zhaodi as her ‘Mom’. “Mom, I’m marrying Xinang today. Please don’t worry because I’ll treat him very well in the future as I love him very much. From today onward, we’ll become a family and I’ll do my best to take care of you too.”
  • Ye Youxuan was indeed a sweet talker. On top of that, she had been showering Liu Zhaodi with gifts for the past few years and even more gifts for the past few days. In fact, Liu Zhaodi did not actually need those gifts, but still, they represented how deeply Ye Youxuan was in love with her son.
  • At first, Liu Zhaodi had always preferred Lin Hurou’s daughter as her daughter-in-law. Even though she later got to know that Xia Micheng was Lin Hurou’s daughter, that fact still did not change her mind no matter how much she disliked Xia Micheng.
  • However, Xia Micheng had gotten involved in a series of scandals in which she was said to have cheated on her son, who was highly respected in society. Yet, at that time, her son had been so smitten with Xia Micheng that because of her, his relationship with his mother had turned sour. Dreading to see her son’s life ruined by Xia Micheng, Liu Zhaodi decided to accept Ye Youxuan as her daughter-in-law, albeit with some reluctance, since Lu Zhengzhe too had agreed to the marriage.
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