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Chapter 806 She Is Given up by the Whole World

  • After mulling over the entire matter, Old Master Ye concluded that he needed to make a decision quickly to make sure the Ye family did not get implicated by Li Yuntong’s suicide attempt. Otherwise, it would be difficult to clear their name in the future. His eyes which contained complicated emotions were fixed on Ye Zi right away. Then, he stepped forward and gave her a vicious slap.
  • Smack! Ye Zi, who did not see it coming at all, collapsed on the floor from the impact of the slap. Because of the hard slap from Old Master Ye, half of her face became red and swollen in an instant. Covering her face, Ye Zi gaped at her father in consternation, puzzled as to the reason why her father did not defend her, instead slapping her for no reason at all.
  • Bewildered, she asked, “Dad, why did you slap me?”
  • Outraged, Old Master Ye pointed at her and reproached her viciously, “You unfilial woman! You must be the one who encouraged Yuntong to kill herself by slitting her wrist! Yuntong is such a nice girl but she’s ruined by you!”
  • After getting slapped by her father, Ye Zi was even severely reprimanded by him, but she did not understand what he had just said. What did he mean by saying that she was the one who had encouraged Li Yuntong to kill herself? It was Ye Mengxiao who had come up with the idea.
  • “Dad…”
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