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Chapter 1375 Recreation

  • “No. You should take your bath first,” Xia Micheng persisted.
  • However, the frustrated Lu Yuzhen gently held her fine waist with one hand while he strode forward. He was pushing while hugging her toward the soft bed in the room, then he started to unbutton his shirt one by one with his delicate fingers before leaning his body over to approach her. “Cheng, don’t you want me?”
  • The word ‘want’ no longer had any normal connotations; it was stained with lust.
  • Xia Micheng pressed her two tiny hands against his firm shoulders as she gazed at him with her clear watery eyes. “I don’t want you.”
  • After that, he bit her lips as a punishment and murmured with a smile, “A woman’s body is the most honest. Now, let me see if you’re a liar.”
  • He reached out to tear her clothes away. Why is he this rough?
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