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Chapter 743 You Are Still A Virgin… Right?

  • Xia Micheng’s legs went limp as she slid downward while having her back clung to the wall. She couldn’t resist his intense passionate kiss; his healthy and fresh masculine scent filled her breath.
  • Lu Yuzhen didn’t close his eyes. He just gazed at her instead; gazing at her small delicate fair and gentle-looking face; gazing into her bright round eyes, which became hazy because of his kiss.
  • After kissing Xia Micheng for a while, Lu Yuzhen let go of her. However, he placed the tip of his nose on her cheek and rubbed it passionately; they were so close to each other that they could feel each other’s breath. He then asked with his husky voice, “What do you want to do, huh?”
  • Xia Micheng summoned up all her courage, placed both of her hands on his chest and pushed him toward the wall. They switched positions within seconds. She raised her head and stared at him in a provocative manner. “You!”
  • “Haha!” Lu Yuzhen let out a deep, low chuckle. He stretched out his large hands and held her delicate face between his palms. “Who taught you to be so seductive, huh? Was it Xu Shaonan? Lu Xinang? Or was it another man that I don’t know about?”
  • As he finished, Xia Micheng’s mind went blank for a moment. So, this is how he thinks of me? He thinks that I’ve slept with lots of random guys?
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