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Chapter 825 It’s Unhygienic

  • Lu Yuzhen was back!
  • Xia Micheng quickly let go of Madam Lu’s arm and sat up. She even stopped eating the bird’s nest soup Mrs. Lu was feeding her and just stared at Lu Yuzhen with her bright eyes, looking unnatural.
  • There must have been a loose screw in her mind for her to agree with Madam Lu to stay here. How could she stay here? This was Lu Yuzhen’s villa, and she was lying in his bed. Wouldn’t she be… indirectly sleeping with him?
  • What an awkward situation.
  • Sensing the odd atmosphere, Madam Lu stood up with a smile. “Zhen, you’re back. We’ll give you and Cheng some space to talk.”
  • After that, Madam Lu shot a look at Mrs. Wu.
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