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Chapter 726 Arranged by Fate

  • Madam Li had been the head of the Li Family for so many years; she said those words with superiority and everyone’s expressions changed. Could it be that someone had purposely made Xia Micheng fall into the water? This person must be so daring to act right under Madam Li’s nose!
  • Ye Zi froze at the spot as she watched Lu Xinang carry Xia Micheng away from the scene. Xia Micheng is not injured and still alive? This is impossible.
  • Ye Zi clenched her fists secretly; this was a golden opportunity. She had discreetly gotten rid of Lu Xinang and had asked a maid to shove Xia Micheng into the water. Xia Micheng could have died just like this in silence. However, Xia Micheng had survived! How despicable!
  • Staring at Xia Micheng, Ye Zi suddenly saw through the black overcoat that was draped onto Xia Micheng; she then caught sight of something that had seductive red florals. Oh my God!
  • Ye Zi forgot to breathe for a moment; Xia Micheng was wearing a galaxy dress today. Now, the dress was drenched, instantly revealing the flower that was below her waist. Ye Zi was not unfamiliar toward this flower at all—she had seen it before 20 years ago. The mysterious woman who ran out of Li Zhanming’s room 20 years ago had the exact same flower below her waist! Ye Zi seemed to have realized something. Was Xia Micheng that woman’s daughter? Did that make Xia Micheng Li Zhanming’s biological daughter?
  • No. It can’t be. Did the woman get pregnant on that passionate night from 20 years ago? Then, was Xia Micheng the daughter of that woman? Xia Micheng was the true daughter of the Li Family, the one who was loved the most? No wonder Madam Li was so fond of Xia Micheng; she liked Xia Micheng from the very moment she had seen her. Was this the meaning of blood being thicker than water? It seemed like everything had been arranged by fate.
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