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Chapter 1614 Make an Offer

  • The strap of her dress dropped off her shoulder, and her breast was out in the open, rising and falling.
  • This man is so despicable and shameless!
  • Ye Yuan quickly reached out to pull up the strap. “Stop watching, Chairman Gu. Have you never seen any woman's breast? Since you are so rich, you could suffocate yourself in all the women’s breasts if you want.”
  • Gu Longfan’s gaze which was full of desire fell on Ye Yuan’s face. He curled his lips nonchalantly. “How much? Make an offer.”
  • “What?” Ye Yuan was confused.
  • Gu Longfan reached out his hand and patted gently on her soft face, charming yet wicked. “I’m not interested in other women's breasts. I just want to see yours. I will pay you and you must show me your breast. How much do you want?”
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