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Chapter 1049 Where is Miss Goddess?

  • Xia Micheng was shocked, her eyes wide as she moved to escape. “Lu Yuzhen, don’t do anything ridiculous here. I am not going to—”
  • At that moment, they could hear footsteps from outside. Lu Chikai was here.
  • He knocked on the door. Then, he tiptoed and grabbed the doorknob with his tiny little hand.
  • Xia Micheng was shocked by the knock, and she didn’t dare to let out a single breath. She pushed Lu Yuzhen away anxiously. “Lu Yuzhen, Chikai is right outside the door right now. We might scare him if we stay here.”
  • This time, even though Lu Yuzhen knew Lu Chikai was outside, he didn’t give in to her. His voice had already become hoarse, and he grabbed Xia Micheng’s pretty face with his huge hand. “Keep quiet if you don’t want to attract Chikai’s attention. Auntie Zhao will take care of it,” he threatened hoarsely.
  • Hearing his words, Xia Micheng stared at him in horror. Auntie Zhao would certainly take care of everything, but that would mean she already knew what they were doing.
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