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Chapter 1494 Daughter-in-Law

  • Li Zhanming smiled and spoke in his low, magnetic voice. “Sure, come and get it.”
  • “Really? Where are you?”
  • Li Zhanming gave the Li Residence’s address to her and hung up after that. He then realized that the chaotic scene before him had quietened—Madam Li, Mrs. Wu and Mr. Fu all looked at him.
  • Li Zhanming pursed his thin lips.
  • Sob... Madam Li reacted and started to sob as she walked to Li Zhanming in small steps, pushing him as she wailed, “Son, I’m having a headache and my head hurts.”
  • “Mom, you should get some rest then.” Li Zhanming grinned. “What bad timing. Your daughter-in-law is coming soon, but it seems like you won’t be able to meet her.”
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