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Chapter 764 Chairman Lu, I Shall Help You Remove Your Shirt First

  • Liu Zhaodi nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. She was the one who was causing trouble?
  • What trouble was she causing?
  • Who was the one who had caused such an infuriating atmosphere in this house?
  • However, no matter how furious she was at the moment, she dared not to go mad; Lu Zhengzhe was the owner of this house and he was in charge, so Liu Zhaodi could only listen to his words obediently.
  • She unwillingly let go of the whip in her hand.
  • Both Lu Yuchen and Lu Xinang had wounds all over their body. “Call the family doctor over to bind up the wounds on the young masters,” said Lu Zhengzhe as he glanced toward the servants standing by the door.
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