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Chapter 1608 Knock Before You Enter the Next Time

  • Gu Longfan happened to be young and strong. Not only that, he was also exceptionally lustful. Now that the room door clicked open, it was evident that someone had entered. He instantly opened his eyes and shot a cold glance toward the door. Who was it?
  • Soon, he noticed Ye Yuan in the room. She was staring back at him too. The two pairs of eyes met in the air. As she stared at him, his dark eyes were now filled with desire and was rather annoyed by her interruption. Out of frustration, his sharp gaze almost pierced through the intruder.
  • Ye Yuan straightened her back and lazily reached out to tuck the strands of hair falling on her cheek behind her ears. A light smile appeared on her tiny face. “Sorry, I think I must have interrupted your session. Please continue.” Then, she turned around and left the room.
  • Gu Longfan stood frozen in front of the sofa. He had never expected her to be the intruder. He did not expect her to visit Mount Louis. His lustful pupils contracted and he pushed Chen Yuanyuan away.
  • “Yuan!” He pulled up his pants at a lightning speed and tied the sash on his pajamas before rushing out after Ye Yuan.
  • Down the corridor, Ye Yuan was walking at the front, and Gu Longfan was chasing after her. His footsteps were no longer calm and steady; they were messy and panickey. “Yuan!” He reached out to grab her delicate and fair wrist with his bony fingers.
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