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Chapter 361 She Broke the Record

  • Oh my! Everyone looked at Xia Keke with a shocked expression on their faces. It turned out that she was actually admitted into the Holy Dawn Academy by pulling some strings. On the other hand, Xia Micheng had received a personal offer from the Holy Dawn Academy’s principal, but she rejected the offer because the academy was too far from home!
  • The difference between a true genius and an imposter was astonishing!
  • The reporters started handing their microphones to Xia Keke. Even Xia Chunyang and Li Qianhui, who were standing at the side, were unable to avoid it.
  • Xia Keke, you must be furious right now, mustn't you? Your medical knowledge is subpar and your educational background has been falsified; Dean Lus revelation is a huge blow to your dignity. Judging from your expressions, you look like youre seething with rage.
  • Li Qianhui, youre about to vomit blood, arent you? Even after planning everything to a tee, your two daughters are still simple-minded. Meanwhile, Xia Michengwhose life you were thinking of ruininghas exceeded your expectation and your plans backfired instead.
  • Xia Chunyang, isnt Xia Keke the daughter whom you take the most pride in? Do you have any regrets now? All that wealth and hope which you showered upon Xia Keke have been short-lived; you have devoted your wealth to the wrong treasure, and you have given your heart to the wrong person all these years.
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