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Chapter 193 Look, It’s Xia Micheng’s Ghost Husband!

  • Zhou Ping could not help but sigh. Sometimes, people’s fates are as such. Xia Keke could have been the one standing beside Lu Yuzhen, Haicheng City’s wealthiest elite, and became the Mrs. Lu whom everybody would have envied. However, the decision to swap the bride changed everyone’s fates.
  • Zhou Ping was not sure whether it was simply an accident, or was it their destinies.
  • “Xia Keke, just go back to your job as well. This matter will end here!” Zhou Ping turned and entered the office.
  • At that time, Xia Keke did not know why Zhou Ping looked at her that way. In her memory, there seemed to be sympathy and even regret in Zhou Ping’s eyes… What she knew was that the research center’s forum went quiet rapidly as all relevant posts were deleted in one night and keywords were blocked; it seemed like the matter was completely covered up by a big hand.
  • No one other than Lu Yuzhen could possibly have such great capabilities.
  • Meanwhile, Zhou Ping took prompt and severe actions to clear out all the rumors and gossip. Everyone returned to their jobs and did not dare to mention Xia Micheng’s affair again.
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