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Chapter 1491 Lu Feifei Woke Up

  • “Micheng, was giving Xinang those designs my mom’s instruction or your own idea?” Lu Yuzhen asked Xia Micheng as they walked out.
  • Xia Micheng blinked and whispered awkwardly, “Mr. Lu, it was my idea, but I believe that this is what mom would have wanted as well!”
  • Lu Zhengzhe and Liu Yingluo left the world in such a hurry, and they had left behind too much unfinished business. They hadn’t had the chance to speak to Lu Xinang, so Xia Micheng believed that Aunt Yingluo would’ve wanted him to have the designs.
  • Lu Yuzhen stared at Xia Micheng’s wise look. He had guessed that it was her idea, and Lu Xinang had probably guessed it too.
  • How could Lu Xinang forget a girl like Xia Micheng?
  • No matter what kind of girl Lu Xinang would meet in the future, they could never replace her.
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