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Chapter 996 Xia Micheng Gave Birth to Triplets!

  • “At that time, the Withering Flower had spread to my heart. I fell into a slumber for two years after giving birth. It was not too long ago that I woke up and my greatest concern in Beijing is my little Kai.”
  • Three years ago, Xia Micheng returned to the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom and she had a consultation with Lin Hurou and the Four Great Masters. At that time, the method to save Xia Micheng was to abort the baby in her and focus all their might to save her. In other words, the baby had to be sacrificed to save the mother. Nevertheless, she did not agree with the method as she was determined to keep the baby. In the end, Lin Hurou chose to support Xia Micheng, watching as the Withering Flower invaded Xia Micheng’s heart and all of her internal organs. After Xia Micheng delivered the baby, she was completely drained of all vitality that she fell into a deep slumber. For the next two years, Lin Hurou had treated her until Xia Micheng woke up not long ago.
  • Ye Yuan felt distressed for Xia Micheng. Years ago, Xia Micheng was poisoned with the Withering Flower, which was the weakness of the Invincible Blood, and the reason she chose to leave Lu Yuzhen. They never knew what happened after Xia Micheng returned to the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom and she did not talk much about it as well. However, from these few words, Ye Yuan was able to gauge that the process of saving Xia Micheng and her baby was dangerous and nerve-wrecking. Nobody would have any idea on how she managed to survive such a tough situation.
  • If it weren’t for Lin Hurou’s efforts, Xia Micheng would have died from heart failure after delivery. Even though she was facing death at that time, the last person Xia Micheng thought of was still… Lu Yuzhen. She was afraid that after her death, he would spend the rest of his life alone. Therefore, she sent little Kai to his side so that he could accompany him in her place.
  • Ye Yuan immediately extended her hands to hug Xia Micheng. She knew her best friend too well that Xia Micheng would never confide in others about her pain and sufferings—she would only endure it and resolve them herself. “Cheng, let me give you a hug. I know that you have had a hard time,” Ye Yuan said as she nudged on Xia Micheng’s little face affectionately.
  • Curling up her red lips, Xia Micheng uttered, “Yuan, I think that I am very fortunate. Mommy spent two years to cure the Withering Flower in me. Tiao and Yi grew up happily without any worries in the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom while Kai was brought up well by Lu Yuzhen, so I feel very satisfied with everything.”
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