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Chapter 511 Bump Into His Chest

  • Lu Yuzhen was here. His legs looked long as he stood tall in the hallway in front of her. He put one of his hands in his pocket. The champagne colored light in the hallway shone on his attractive face. Every single part of the man in his black shirt and a pair of black trousers appeared exquisitely handsome. His aristocratic temperament was so mesmerizing that anyone would be attracted to him the moment they saw him.
  • Meow! Meow! Fluffy meowed twice.
  • Xia Micheng didn’t expect that she would accidently bump into him at Imperial Bar. She stood there motionlessly, completely in a daze.
  • Lu Yuzhen came to look for Fluffy. Usually, Fluffy was very clingy. It followed him closely wherever he went and almost never left his side. Whenever there were girls that showed up beside him, it would meow angrily at them, as if it was declaring its right over him, although he had no idea what sort of rights a cat would want to declare.
  • On this day, Fluffy had suddenly disappeared. By the time he was looking for the cat in the hallway, he saw this sight in front of him—a petite girl holding his cat, Fluffy, in her arms. The girl lowered her head and whispered something to Fluffy happily. The side of her face looked sweet and gorgeous.
  • Fluffy, who—for some unknown reasons—had always harbored antagonism toward all other girls, actually stayed in the girl’s embrace quietly and obediently. When the girl caressed it by running her delicate fingers through its fluffy white fur, the cat narrowed its eyes like it was smiling in content; it looked as if it enjoyed being caressed by the girl very much.
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