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Chapter 293 Don’t You Guys Regret This

  • Ever since they got to know that Xia Micheng had become Mrs. Lu, Xia Chunyang and Li Qianhui had turned dejected and sullen for quite some time. Now that news of Xia Keke’s Golden Needle Technique had spread, the two of them seemed to have gained a second chance at life; they started appearing everywhere again.
  • Shuang Shuang, who despised the both of them, did not hold back and said rudely, “Mr. and Mrs. Xia, it’s obvious that the both of you are up to no good. Today is Xia Keke’s commendation ceremony, so you guys can go ahead and look for Xia Keke. Dragging Micheng for a television interview is a despicable act on your part. You are just looking for an opportunity to humiliate Xia Micheng. You guys are going too far with this!”
  • Li Qianhui let out a disdainful snort. “Miss, you shouldn’t assume things. Today’s television interview will be broadcast live on the Internet. We are only inviting Xia Micheng to appear on screen out of sincerity. Since she recently came back from the countryside, I’m sure that she has yet to have the honor of being interviewed on air. So, please don’t belittle our offer even if you’re not going to appreciate it.”
  • Shuang Shuang gave Li Qianhui a cold glare before pulling Xia Micheng by her sleeves. “Micheng, don’t listen to her nonsense. Don’t agree to that interview!”
  • Li Qianhui’s expression darkened upon hearing Shuang Shuang accusing her of blurting out nonsense. “You—”
  • Xia Micheng looked at Shuang Shuang calmly. Then, her bright eyes were fixed onto Li Qianhui’s face as she said smilingly, “Are you guys really inviting me for the interview?”
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