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Chapter 1439 Revisit the Old Place

  • Xia Micheng covered Lu Yuzhen’s mouth swiftly to prevent him from spouting more nonsense. “Mr. Lu, I truly have something to talk to you about. Didn’t that little girl save you many years ago? I want you to take me to the place where it all happened. Oh, right, and bring Shen Xiaolian along too.”
  • What? Lu Yuzhen froze because he was usually alert. I will always treasure and coax my woman, but I would immediately be suspicious at the tiniest abnormality. I did not expect Xia Micheng to request me to take her to revisit the old place at all. Many years ago, that little girl saved me in the snow-covered place. Right now, Xia Micheng wants me to take her back to that place in person while having Shen Xiaolian come along. “Cheng, what mischievous plan are you hatching in your mind? Could you be... trying to entrap me?”
  • “Mr. Lu, why would you say that?” Xia Micheng frowned at him while feigning displeasure. “Since that little girl is so important to you, I’d like to be part of your story too. I would like to have a look at the place where it happened. Coincidentally, didn’t Shen Xiaolian mention that she saved you? Well, we should let her tag along and she can reiterate what happened when we are there. We’d be killing two birds with one stone.”
  • He pressed his thin lips together without commenting further. He regarded Xia Micheng in puzzlement with his keen, sharp eyes—he knew her too well. She is extremely smart and she would never do anything pointless. She must be lying to me now, but I can’t decipher her true motives.
  • “What is it, Mr. Lu? Don’t you want to or are you afraid to? That belongs to the story between you and the little girl and that is why you don’t want me anywhere near it, am I right?” Xia Micheng raised her brow at him while snorting in disdain before she turned around to leave. “Forget that I said anything. I’ll head off now!”
  • Lu Yuzhen observed her annoyed expression. If her seductive charm was not obvious earlier, it was now apparent because she stared at him with radiant eyes while pouting with her ruby-red lips. He felt his knees weakened as he looked at her shy, girly expression. What is happening to her today? Could she be... rewarding me for something?
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