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Chapter 1117 Two Genetically Insane Sons!

  • ‘How can you guys say such horrible things about our adorable and naïve Princess Ruofu? Princess Ruofu, don’t listen to them. Please pay attention to me! I am not married yet, and I do not have a legal wife who would beat you up or rip off your clothes!’
  • Dark and wretched people from the internet came crawling out of everywhere to leave comments for Shangguan Ruofu. They used crude language to offer themselves as the next Prince Consort.
  • Tonight must be one of the liveliest nights in Huaxi Province. The entire royal family must be awake; someone was so angry that they were stomping their feet in frustration, and public relations were in a frenzy for damage-control.
  • Shangguan Ruofu’s carefully curated mask throughout the past twenty years was ripped off by… Lu Chikai in an instant.
  • Lu Yuzhen put his phone down. He looked helplessly at Lu Chikai, who was sound asleep in bed. I did give him the reins, but he went too far.
  • Lu Yuzhen sat on the bed and thundered, “Lu Chikai, wake up! Stop sleeping!”
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