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Chapter 855 Asking About Her Parents

  • Today’s forum involved the gathering of everyone in Beijing’s medical world and it was also Xia Micheng’s first academic speech, so everyone was looking forward to it.
  • Fellow Qiu humbly smiled. “Micheng is still young, so she is a junior and you’re all her mentors. If there is anything lacking from her speech, please let her know about it.”
  • There was also someone else who came to the academic forum today—and that was Li Yuntong. Li Yuntong also studied medicine, but just her academic results wouldn’t have warranted her being here at this forum. However, she was in attendance because she came from a good background as the young lady of the wealthy Li Family. Now that Li Zhanming returned to the medical world, he brought her here to enrich her experience. Yet, she did not do so whatsoever because she now stood at a distant place with her eyes locked on Xia Micheng.
  • While seeing Fellow Qiu introducing Xia Micheng to everyone, Li Yuntong watched the well-poised Xia Micheng shuttling through the bright lights and saw that everyone’s focus was on Xia Micheng. The big shots praised Xia Micheng nonstop while the remarkable young talents showed their admiration for her…
  • Looks like this isn’t some academic forum. It looks more like Xia Micheng’s personal show! Li Yuntong tightened her fist while she gritted hatefully. Their last battle had really hurt her and the whole Ye Family as Old Master Ye was unable to attend this forum due to the effects of the Gu poison, but it brought Xia Micheng to her glorious moment.
  • Li Yuntong moved her eyes away in disdain as she didn’t want to look at Xia Micheng anymore, so she searched for her father, Li Zhanming.
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