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Chapter 875 Introducing Women to Li Zhanming

  • Lu Yuzhen reached out and brought Xia Micheng over to his side so that she could lie in his arms. While holding the phone with a hand, he pushed away the hair that was covering her face with his other hand. Then, he pressed his thin lips. “Cheng is by my side. She is tired, so she’s already asleep.”
  • He only left out the part where he and Xia Micheng were intimate just now from his words to Li Zhanming. Obviously, Li Zhanming knew what happened from his words, so he pressed his lips. “Is Micheng living with you?”
  • Lu Yuzhen felt like he had always been driving out other admirers of Xia Micheng along the way. After Lu Xinang just left, he never expected Uncle Li to be fond of her too. Now, facing his number one rival in love, he didn’t have any nice words to say. “Yes. I’m living with Cheng. Uncle Li, I think I’ve made myself clear. If you really feel lonely, I can always introduce women to entertain you.”
  • On the other end, Li Zhanming didn’t say anything, and he ended the call straight away.
  • The busy tone was the only sound left.
  • “Mr. Lu.” Xia Micheng lifted her watery eyes to glance at him. “Who was that just now?”
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