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Chapter 625 The Kiss On Her Eyes

  • In fact, Lu Yuzhen did really plan to get engaged to Li Yuntong. He wanted to forget Xia Micheng completely. However, after receiving the call from his grandma, he thought it was impossible for him to let her go. He wouldn’t let anyone take advantage of her.
  • We should die together if I can’t save her. With that thought in mind, he had stepped on the accelerator to crash into the van.
  • A number of pedestrians ran over. “Oh my god! There has been an accident! Hurry up and call for an ambulance!”
  • More and more people gathered at the scene. Just then, a handsome man standing far away from the scene appeared. He looked tall and attractive and wore a black windbreaker. He was Su Ju, the person who had disappeared for quite some time.
  • He had appeared.
  • A man in black delivered a black umbrella to Su Ju dutifully. “My lord, since Lu Yuzhen has settled the matter, it’s time for us to leave. Xia Micheng’s disappearance stirred a huge commotion in the city, and several groups of people are rushing here. Since the Four Great Families of Beijing are all involved in this incident, I think we shouldn’t expose ourselves.”
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