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Chapter 1517 Gu Longfan Had Arrived

  • Ye Yuan was thankful to Gu Xian as he, known as Uncle Gu to her, had played the role of her father for a long time. However, she was soon greeted by Madam Gu’s sharp curses; the curses included her becoming a vixen—like her mother—and would climb onto Gu Xian’s bed as an adult. Therefore, Ye Yuan felt that things were awkward between her and Gu Xian. When she became older, she became more and more distant from him. Now, she never thought that Gu Xian would come to visit her. “Uncle Gu, what brings you here?”
  • He looked at her lovingly. “Yuan, I happened to be in Beijing to run some errands, so I stopped by to pay you a visit. You haven’t returned home in the past few years and you haven’t voluntarily contacted me. I was worried about you.”
  • “Uncle Gu, all is well with me. Don’t worry.”
  • Gu Xian looked inside her apartment. “Yuan, is there anyone else in your apartment? Let’s go in and have a chat.”
  • Ye Yuan was now an adult. Hence, no matter what intentions he had toward her, it was not appropriate for them to be together alone. “Uncle Gu, my friend is inside. It’s not very convenient for me tonight.”
  • He nodded. “Yuan, truth be told, I’ve already said what I wanted to tell you. Your mother was an acquaintance of mine. The reason why I took you back home years ago was to take care of you like a daughter, but my wife...” He trailed off with a sigh before continuing. “Child, I felt guilty for what you have experienced through these years. You’ve had some hard times.”
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