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Chapter 696 Kiss Me, Xia Micheng!

  • “What on earth do you want me to do then? I have tried to coax you, but it seemed that you can never be coaxed no matter how hard I try!”
  • Lu Yuzhen shot a glance at her and parted his lips, ordering in an assertive but icy voice, “Kiss me, Xia Micheng!”
  • Kiss me, Xia Micheng? What did he just say? Did he want me to… kiss him?
  • Seeing her looking stunned as though she was astounded by him for making such a request, Lu Yuzhen had a feeling that he was now the eager one for her to kiss him. He knitted his brows in displeasure, saying, “Never mind if you don’t want to. Nobody is forcing you.”
  • With that, he directly turned around to leave.
  • Just then, Xia Micheng stood on tiptoe and quickly moved close to his cheek before giving him a light kiss. “Would that do?”
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