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Chapter 1480 The Mastermind Behind the Assassination

  • Shen Xiaolian was immediately stumped as she could not think of any explanation for that. “Uh…
  • Standing next to them, Chong Wen’s eyes lit up as he was impressed by Xia Micheng. Indeed! Why haven’t I thought of that?
  • Lu Yuzhen’s profound gaze fixated on Xia Micheng. He had long known that she was intelligent, and she had never disappointed him.
  • Xia Micheng curled her red lips slowly. “What’s wrong? You can’t answer my question is it, Lian? Fine. Let me ask you another question—when Mr. Lu fainted in the snow that day, did he have other injuries? Where was he injured?”
  • This question was too easy for Shen Xiaolian as she replied firmly, “Yes. Back then, Yuzhen was injured—there were wounds on his right arm and thigh.”
  • “Nonsense!” Xia Micheng immediately berated. “Mr. Lu told me that only his right hand was scraped by some branches, and he only sustained slight injuries!”
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