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Chapter 702 Shh, Keep It Down

  • Oh my god! Everyone was shocked. It turned out that it was true that Fan Qi loved Old Master Ye. Besides, she became so obsessed with Old Master Ye that she actually asked her boyfriend to undergo a plastic surgery so that he would look exactly like the young Old Master Ye!
  • They didn’t expect for the day’s media conference to have such a shocking 180 degree change. The news was groundbreaking indeed. Everyone placed their microphones in front of Ye Zi and Li Yuntong simultaneously.
  • “Director Ye, do you know the truth? Were you tricked by Fan Qi, or did you conspire with Fan Qi to frame Xia Micheng?”
  • “Director Ye, since Fan Qi loves Old Master Ye so much, did he say anything about this?”
  • “Miss Yuntong, everyone knows you and Xia Micheng are rivals. Today, Xia Micheng came to the media conference, being all sick and injured. Did you guys do that to her in secret? Both the Academy of Sciences and the radio station are controlled by the Ye Family. Come to think of it now, it’s lucky enough that Xia Micheng can come in here alone without getting bullied, so how is it possible for her to make such a huge scene and embarrass herself like that? Did you guys conspire together to set Xia Micheng up?”
  • Ye Zi and Li Yuntong stood there motionlessly, their faces frozen in an awkward rictus. Their plan was messed up due to Xia Micheng’s unpredictability. She had an unconventional way of dealing with problems. Besides, they totally didn’t expect that Fan Qi’s boyfriend, Song Xiao, would show up suddenly.
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